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PLEASE PRINT OUT TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR YOUR RECORDS AND CHECK LIST PACKAGE A: BEGINNERS BUSINESS FRANCHISE PACKAGE AND MEMORY STICK OPTION) (invoice reference: Laptop / software beginners franchise A) - To accept an order with no upfront payment before delivery and demo. You must agree to the following terms and conditions. When placing an order (by email or text) you are agreeing (he /she) that you have fully read and fully understand the terms and conditions and agrees to be legally bound by them on paying for your order (an order is when the client provides us with their details as requested) you also are agreeing that you have fully read them and fully understand all aspects of the terms and conditions. If you do not understand any part of our terms and conditions? Please do not pay for your order until you have clarified any sections you do not understand and only make payment once you 100% fully understand them.  If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, please do not pay for your order, contact us and we will arrange uplift of your order at no cost to yourself. (Under your statutory rights you can still return your package anytime with the first 21 days and receive a full refund) Upon delivery please fully check that the package includes all the hardware and software you expected, if unsure please contact us, do not pay your invoice until you are 100% happy with your package, if you are not happy please re-box the package and email / ring our freephone number and we will arrange the uplift of the package at our expense. By paying your invoice you are also agreeing that the package is as expected and all the software you expected is present and correct and 100% happy with the package. Clients Tick Check list of Franchise A package: 1 (one) x Laptop [], Installed on the laptop 6 (six) interfaces [], minimum of 2 (two) pre-installed online sites [], teamviewer software [] 1 x coded program [] minimum of 6 (six) demo videos [], guide [], pre-installed web browser []. If any of these are missing from your package, please ring us free on 0800 066 2593. The franchise business package A is very clearly defined within the terms and conditions. Due to the nature of the package (hardware - laptop) and pre-installed software we cannot offer a refund outside the terms of the franchise (unless cancelling within the statutory period of 21 days) (1) The franchise is uniquely set up to each franchisee and the hardware / software cannot be used again once a client starts to operate their franchise. (2) The deposit charged does not cover the original investment we have had to invest to get a new client up and running The only way we can recover the full cost of our investment is for the client to run the software over the long term.  No upfront payment is required until you have seen the software auto play. Failure for the software to auto play will result in the package being supplied to the client free of charge. When we demo the auto play robots with the beginner’s franchise A package, we use our vex rgn server program. This does not come as standard and is an extra cost option. The beginners package comes ONLY with our standard program A AND KGB-VEX program. The 2 day demo is run through one or more of our accounts and all profits from the demo remain the property of PTM. The client is free to use the standard coded program through their own accounts and any profits generated from this program the client can keep. The vex rgn WILL NOT be activated through a clients account until (1) Payment for the original package is received (2) The upgrade cost for the vex rgn is paid (Upgrades to vex rgn are only available through our network of affiliates, please email to be put in touch to your nearest seller)  Once the demo is completed and you have seen the software run with the optional costing vex rgn (the beginners program A comes with a standard coded program that is upgradable at extra cost at anytime). The invoice for the package will not be issued until (1) After delivery of the hardware (laptop) and software (2) The 1/2 night demo has taken place. The client agrees to pay the invoice for the package within 24 hours. If the client fails to make payment PTM will then reissue an invoice for the full cost of the package with no subsidy discount. Failure to pay this invoice within 24 will result in the outstanding invoice being handed over to third party collection and all relevant court and recovery costs will be passed on to the client. The package is non transferable and due to the nature of the software and programs cannot be recalibrated. PROGRAMS: The standard non server code written program A supplied as standard with the beginners package we cannot and do not guarantee winnings over any period.  A code written program can be amended and new lines of code can be added to. But under no circumstance can results for these code written programs be guaranteed and we do not. Under no circumstance when using a coded program will we reimburse you for loss of funds or any package fee paid outside the standard terms of refund. Each is pre-programmed to play in a certain pre-determined way and the success of failure of such programs depends entirely on the way the other players at the table are playing the game, you bear the sole responsibility for loss of funds while using a coded program. The clients accepts that losses may be incurred when playing with standard code programs and accepts the risk. SETTING UP TIME: VEX RGN takes 24 hours and no extra table time running. Therefore, 24 hours after receiving the vex rgn it will be fully live, operational and generating the guaranteed £600/£1200/£1800/£2400 per day. If running the kgb-vex code program? This will take a minimum of 250 hours to reach maximum stability. While running the program will play as a standard program. To ensure the non profiling of robot / software during the 250+ hour self coding phase, we only run one or two robots per day (These last between 10 minutes and 40 minutes on average per game - it takes up to 24 months for the kgb-vex to be fully operational. Please bare that in mind before ordering this package) This will ensure at this early phase the security software does not profile the robots / software. If you run or ask us to run the software longer than we recommend, (through teamviewer) you understand and agree that this will result in the forfeiting (non-return) of your laptop and software deposit you paid and by making such a request (in writing) you fully agree to this change to refund terms and to forfeit your complete deposit before we agree to the change. By paying your deposit you are also agreeing you have read, fully understand and are happy with this table time phase running... The deposit is only fully refunded on completion of your first commission payment.(You can request a full refund and return your order anytime within the first 21 days as set out in your statutory rights) IMPORTANT :You must log out of your account after each session (no need to close the hardware down) If you do not log out after each session the security software may pick up this and email you to say they believe A.I are being deployed. This will result in suspension of your account. This is the sole responsibility of the client.. If the account is suspended because of suspected A.I because the closing of the site after each session is not completed daily, that is the sole responsibility of the client and not PTM...  Your first commission payment is not payable until you have earned over £500.00 (or £3999.99 no subsidised) Under no other circumstance will the deposit refunded (ie: If the client stops using the software, clients fails to read the terms and conditions etc.) until the client generates the first £500 commission (this must be generated by the software)   The client has 3 (three) weeks from when we dispatched the package to arrange the vex rgn demo, failure to book the demo will result in accounts issuing the invoice for full payment and the forfeiting of the demo. (If the package is delivered to a neighbour / to a local PO or depot due to no-one being in, it is the clients responsibility to collect and deemed delivered) Invoice payment in this case will be due within 3 days of being issued, failure to settle the invoice will result in recovery of the full amount. Non disclosure: You agree that by placing your order(s) you have agreed that you fully understand and agree to be bound by this non disclosure clause. You are agreeing not to disclose to any third parties whatsoever (including, in discussion, in writing, online (including forums) or any social media platform) anything to do with (A) All or any of our software's / programs or products (B) How our software / programs work  (C) Our business activities (D) All areas of our business. If you breach any part of this non disclosure agreement, you agree you are liable to compensate PTM and fully indemnify us from such actions. You agree to compensate PTM fifty times (50X) the original deposit paid (as per your invoice) for breaching our confidentiality clause. Failure to compensate PTM with 28 days of the breach will result in proceeding to recover the full amount will begin, including all costs incurred in the recover of compensation. The recommended minimum broadband speed required is upload 4mb and download 1-1.5 mb. You must allow PTM 24 hour permanent access to the software / hardware (access at least once daily) by setting a permanent password for your teamviewer software. PTM are not responsible for informing you if access is not granted to the software / hardware, the client must check daily to ensure access can be gained. Failure to allow / grant (whether deliberate or non-deliberate) access on two occasions will result in the forfeiting of your deposit, suspension of your software and any upgrades / offers associated with your relevent software or package will be immediately forforfited / cancelled without notice. Failure to allow / grant access (whether deliberate or non-deliberate) on a third occasion will result in the full termination of our agreement (whatever package you hold, including affiliate)  with immediate effect and with no recourse. *You must follow the instructions given by PTM staff or engineer team access in regards to running of software / access etc. Failure to follow instruction, including non sending of teamviewer details, the touching of software after the engineer has set the software to run will result in the full termination of our agreement (whatever package you hold, including affiliate) with immediate effect, the forfeiting of any deposit or fee paid and with no recourse. A optional monthly rental of £300 is payable if you wish to take advantage of our six month return of fee, if you do not make the monthly rental payments then you are not eligible. If we will run for you teamviewer option (free of charge) You must not touch, or interfere with the software at anytime. Any issues please immediately contact support and they will get an engineer to login and resolve. If you touch or interfere with the software in anyway PTM do not hold any responsibility for damaged done to the program, this is particularly important during the coding phase as interfering (logging off with permission, attempting to reset bots / software which results in incorrectly setting) will result in the corruption of the programming. If you do not adhere to the above (whether deliberate or non-deliberate) will result in the forfeiting of your deposit and will result in the full termination of our agreement without notice (whatever package you hold, including affiliate)  with immediate effect and with no recourse. Free Upgrades To Vex Rgn Software: All orders with an option to upgrade for free must provided a stable platform (computer) for vex rgn software to run. All Upgrades Options: must demonstrate that the platform (computer) is capable of running the vex rgn without issue. A minimum Six months continuous running of the basic coded program and the relevant poker site with no issues must be completed to be able to upgrade. Failure to fulfil this will result in the withdrawal of the upgrade offer with no recourse (a further six month extension can be granted in certain circumstances and at the total desecration of the management)  If providing your own hardware (laptop or PC) it must be able to run (1) Poker site software (2) our robots. It is the clients responsibility to ensure they can do these. (Overseas orders are all pre-paid and they must ensure they can run our software or poker site software, refunds are only provided if our software does not connect, if there is a connection issue with the poker sites this is not our responsibility and no refunds are issued in these cases. We will though make recommendations on how to resolve the issues with poker site software. Memory package clients to receive back their deposit back and receive the free vex rgn upgrade after the first 26 week period, the standard coded program (KGB VEX) must be fully operational (fully coded) and playing on the cash table. Until the coded program (KGB VEX) is fully coded, no deposit or access to the vex rgn will be granted until the the engineers confirm fully operational status. If a client opts to take a mobile version of our vex rgn or any new mobile software coming online, whether the App is a full copy or in development (alpha or beta) By downloading the App onto your chosen device you understand that you will immediate forfeit the free upgrade of our original windows Vex Rgn. By downloading the App you are agreeing to this change in the terms and the forfeiting of the windows Vex Rgn version. If you do not wish to fofeit the full version, DO NOT download the App. Once downloaded you understand you can change the option backThis will not affect any paid for upgradesThe software shown within your invoice T&Cs does not necessarily reflect the software (or form part of) that is included within the franchise or package. Please check with support to confirm exactly what is part of your franchise. 

The software shown within your invoice T&Cs does not necessarily reflect the software (or form part of) that is included within the franchise or package. Please check with support to confirm exactly what is part of your franchise.