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We are a Singapore based business 1 Anson Road, Singapore 0779903


We have spent many years operating within the background of this industry. We have to keep some of our more sensitive software's and how they maybe used under the radar! Our reputation is founded on a commitment to excellence that underpins everything we do, from product development to customer service, and we are wholly committed to building long-term client/partner relationships.


OUR MISSION STATEMENT: For us this kind of software / programs design and development is not just about money! We want to empower the players of such online games with the technology to beat these massive online casino / gaming conglomerates and where they program their software interfaces in their favour, we can turn the tables!


Wea are a forward thinking  group who design innovative, unique and highly sophisticated  programs / software and hardware. Our area of expertise is the online gambing sector. We are a unique and highly talented team with a combined experience of over 250 years in the design, writing and development of these products.


All of our products are designed to empower the people against the online gambling coperate giants! You may not agree with what we do? but hopefully you will be impressed at the sophisticated work we put into our development of products.




The costs involved in the design and development of these products are astronomical, but to help keep the purchasing of our products down tofairly manageable levels and within most peoples budgets,  we charge a one-off fee (to deter to time wasters) and then a percentage split of all the profits. This percentage will depend on the software purchased / used. The more powerful the software, the bigger the split.


Many people are scared of innovation and although our area of expertise some may feel is strange, but we have a passion for our work and products,  We will conced that the marketing and promotional presentation may not be of the highest order, but we are not marketing or advertising experts. If you have the same passion for marketing and promotional presentation as we have for our design, writing and develiment of our products? We would be pleased to hear from you.


Gamblers have always looked for ways to get an advantage and beat other poker players or the house. One way is to use an auto play poker robot, but you must ensure it is fully programmed! Many just supply a basic interface and leave it to you to do the rest (ie: program). We receive daily emails from people who have purchased a poker robot from adverts emailed directly to them, usually by Spammers? Only to find that it does not work correctly due to being just a basic robot that loses. These robots look a great bargain but come with no program/formula and without one of these the robot is almost useless. Then you find out that to purchase a full basic program outright on its own will start from approx. £5000,  the cost depends on what type of program(s) you are looking for?   


With our products we can control billions of pounds of online casino infustructure, our insider knowledge with many, many years of experience designing and writing online casino mainframes and software we have invented / designed / programmed software which with the help of our very own (very) powerful state of the art servers have been at the forefront of the giving the player an (some say "unfair" advantage) over the online casino. This type of software does not  and will never come cheap. We charge an upfront fee that covers the hardware and then charge what some may say is a hefty percentage fee of all profits.  But these percentage fees help us keep the upfront cost down and as the designers we feel we should be suitably rewarded for allowing third parties to also benefit from our software.

Two of our servers. The first server one is dedicated to our read and voice software!!




One of our "business" partners works for the software programmers who design and build online casino engine that all online casino operators use to build and personalise their own sites. For reason that are obvious, we keep their details confidential and even with insider knowledge, the casinos operators own security systems still need to be circumnavigated!


We NEVER stop developing and as work in progress we always have new software as well as software updates for all released software in continuous development. Not all the software makes it to the market place, a small number are so dynamic it would be "dangerous" to put them in the public domain. These we keep for ourselves!  


We also supply programs for third party auto play poker robot: (as well as our own) Robots like the winholdem robot (the first one we wrote third party programs for) Many people who have downloaded the winholdem auto play poker robot interface believe they have been scammed! What they do not realise is that the winholdem auto play poker robots are just the basic interfaces. It can be connected to poker tables and will play, but as it has no program (brain) it will lose. To be able to start to write your own basic program you need to be a c+/ cc programmer and it takes up to 2000 hours +. You of course also need to know the ins and outs of poker and write this into the program.       



We have several different programs for you to choose from. Each program runs differently and plays in a different way, from our basic program up to our Vex RGN program and team set up. All programs are available on pay after delivery bases!


WHY SELL THE PROGRAMS?  We are restricted by how many robots we can run with our programs from our servers / ISPs. By making our robot programs available for third parties to use we are increasing our income stream. The more people we have running the robots with our programs the more commission per robot we receive. This is an extra income we would not be able to receive without a team of clients running their own robot(s) with our programs. 




OUR PROGRAMS ARE DESIGNED TO PICK UP ANY OTHER ROBOT PLAYERS AT THE TABLE!  If someone at a table is already using an auto play poker robot with a program installed, our software picks this up and will not allow your robot to sit at the table. Thus making sure you never play against someone else with a programmed robot. Below is an overview of each program, what each robot programme does and the pricing structure. To help keep the costs down you can choose from outright program ownership to a sliding scale of upfront payment with a commission payment.


We also do not supply, or allow any third parties to sell our programs; All software designed by us is only available directly through us. We hold the full worldwide copyright to all of our programs.



If once you have your software you feel you need help? We will included one free home visit with your package. (Within EU only. Outside EU flights and accommodation to be paid. Limited edition blackjack read and voice includes unlimited home visits worldwide)


There are those who say this type of software will / does not work, most of this is propaganda put out by casino owners / operators and those who have an interest in some way with the online casino industry. But this software has been around and ongoing development in some form or other for 10 years plus. There has been loads of hardcopy and online articles ( Mail on Sunday, MBC etc.) that have written about this subject and some have seen for themselves what this kind of software can achieve and its massive earning potential..




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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.